Political evolution is over – only revolution remains

Malcolm Turnbull backs Australian republicMerchant Bank Goldman Sach’s Australian Parliamentary representative Malcolm Turnbull is considering overturning media cross ownership laws for media moguls Murdoch and Fairfax in return for favourable treatment given to the Liberal Party during the federal election.

Turnbull told ABC Radio he was not opposed to the changes saying he could understand the frustration of American national Rupert Murdoch not being able to own a newspaper and television station in the same capital city.

Cairns News warns there is so little media diversification in capital cities and regional towns that consumers have been conditioned for more than two decades into thinking that by reading a Murdoch or Fairfax newspaper or watching a Foxtel TV program they have been kept abreast with the ‘news’.

Fortunately the internet has brought much needed diversification to national consumers that many readers are now dumping hard copy newspapers instead switching to independent internet news bulletins.

For example if one reads a Murdoch article about the ‘marvellous’ US President Barrack Obama and then reads a similar story on CLG net news, one could be forgiven for asking the News Ltd reporter why he omitted to mention the open hostility and derision in which Obama is held by a vast majority of American people.

At the other end of the scale, why does the Murdoch press pretend Australia’s so-called multicultural policies are the world ‘s best when the Muslim and Chinese invasion has ignited widespread, savage debate and controversy about land ownership and the establishment of racial enclaves which have mutated in large city suburbs?

Or why Murdoch, Fairfax, ABC and their attendant political parties the ALP and LNP, froth at the mouth when objectors mention the $100m Islamic Sharia finance fortune in the form of the Brisbane Islamic Investment Fund which has begun a massive buy up of Queensland real estate, artificially inflating the market?

Or why China has featured as our newest and most affluent homeowner accounting for 12 per cent of all new home sales?

Why do News Ltd and the ABC scream blue murder when struggling home owners and housewives complain they cannot make ends meet then complain about the annual $25 billion of taxpayers money dished out to the aboriginal industry bureaucracy which ensures the majority of the grants never hit the ground where desperately needed, thus perpetuating the third world slum conditions found in many indigenous communities?

Predictably, Prime Minister Tony Abbott supports the latest, so-called Trans Pacific Partnership trade treaty between Australia, Pacific nations and the US which has provision for massive internet censorship at the will of large corporations, the main benefactors of the TPP.

Former Labor Premier Peter Beattie’s alleged $81billion bankruptcy of the state is now hitting home as the Liberal Party insists on even more publicly owned asset sales.

Union sources claim Beattie personally copped large commissions from merchant banks for lining up the Treasury borrowings but there is no party- controlled court in Australia that would look at his prosecution.

Fortunately the Liberals do not own the assets and a legal challenge in underway in the International Court of Justice to prevent, among other things, massive asset sales.

The next round of austerity measures, at the insistence of the IMF, merchant banks and the World Bank, to be implemented at Joe Hockey’s direction will include a ‘bail in’ similar to what occurred in Greece and Turkey, sparking mass riots.

Bank account deposits of perhaps as little as $50,000 will be raided by Treasury and redirected at a minimum of 20 per cent to the international bankers. How do we know this will happen? Because the alleged $600 billion owed by Treasury and various banks cannot be repaid under any orthodox accounting method, asset sales notwithstanding.

The madness will only stop when people permanently switch off their televisions and take an active interest and direct involvement in the political debate. Until hard-pressed citizens learn the political party system of government and policy enforcement is only unlawful bluff, they will be forever held in bondage as slaves of the main political parties, banks and multinational corporations.