A bit of "levity" – such is the darkness

of our times…

In this segment of The Young Turks,

the presenters hash out the absurd

topic of Jihawg brand, pork-infused

bullets, which were released onto

the market, earlier this year.

The manufacturers of Jihawg Ammo,

with their "proprietary pork-infused

technology" (Patent-Pending) staunchly

defend their product, in the face of

accusations that it represents a

"hate crime."

The irony of it all must certainly not

be lost on anyone. Shooting bullets at

human beings, by definition must

generally involve hatred toward that

person and their life, on some level

(duh!) but the secret sauce in Jihawg

Ammo is that they are designed for

the express purpose of preventing

Muslims struck by same, the possibility

of entry into Heaven.

I can’t imagine what this must do to

the prospect of entering Heaven for

the manufacturers of this product and

that of their customers!

Gross as these "proprietary" pork-infused

"bacon bullets" may be, they don’t even

come close to wreaking the ravages of

Depleted Uranium ammunition, I reckon….

Video (about 3 and half mins):

Controversy of Jihawg Ammo


– Alexandra