The opposition stakes for the noxious coal seam gas industry turned up a notch recently when protestors refused to let a CSG company access to a pristine property in the sleepy rural hamlet of Fullerton Cove, north of Newcastle.
One protestor, a 95 year old grandmother, told the cops she did not want her water supply polluted by the drillers and would not budge . So they arrested her and her daughter, who was tied to a tractor. To remove the chains a police officer, flaunting workplace health and safety laws, placed a bag over the woman’s head and used an angle grinder just inches from her ear to cut her free.
These militant cops would arrest their own grandmothers it seems and care not about the environment or their nannas. Just like Hitler’s Brown Shirts they display limited intellignce and take on a gang mentality to usurp law abiding land owners’ inalienable fee simple rights.
The Liberal Government of New South Wales like their northern cousins, the Queensland Liberal National Party are owned lock, stock and barrel by the foreign-owned coal seam gas and oil companies.
Stories abound in western Queensland about the number of company shares allocated to former ALP Premier Peter Beattie and his cohorts for his carte blanche attitude in issuing CSG permits to the foreign owned gas companies such as Prince Phillip’s Royal Dutch Shell, which gobbled up Arrow Energy, one of the main players in the destruction of the Great Artesian Basin.
By the time the Queensland state election comes around the Lock-the-Gate Alliance will have dozens of LNP scalps hanging on the gate.

Go to this site and watch the Liberal’s mindless corporate thugs and their attendant gas company carpetbaggers in action: