27 February 2013: KAP Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, and KAP Queensland State Leader and Member for Condamine Ray Hopper have today blasted the LNP led Brisbane City Council for outsourcing fifty-five jobs overseas.
Bob Katter Means Business“You know that regardless of the undertaking, the LNP/ALP Governments will continue to send jobs offshore, extending our unemployment queues,” Mr Katter said.

“Government jobs are being exported overseas to India. This is simply incomprehensible to every Australian.”

KAP State Leader, Ray Hopper slammed the treatment of Tennyson Ward Councillor Nicole Johnston when police were called and evicted her from the Brisbane City Council meeting.

“Cr Nicole Johnston has a right as an elected representative to voice her position on behalf of her constituents, and if that means calling a point of order, than her objection should be upheld.”

Mr Hopper further said that “Brisbane is supposed to be a democratic city in a democratic country and it’s an insult to all Brisbane ratepayers that this critical issue was not given a fair hearing by those who had legitimate objections”.

Brisbane City Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk, has refused to rule out further outsourcing of jobs.

“Unless you get rid of the ALP/LNP junta that runs Australia – it will just get worse,” Mr Katter stated.

“And why are they doing it? Because they can get away with it.”

“I plead with every Australian to wake up to what is happening in our country,” Mr Katter said.