Everyone in Canberra knows it, but pretends otherwise. Schapelle Corby is a political prisoner.

She is incarcerated in squalor because of politics, because the Indonesian regime makes political points by hurting her, and has done so from the start. Because they kick her like a football, to send messages, and to score political capital.

The human rights abusing trial, the political and racist sentence, the remissions she didnt get which everyone else does, the discriminatory treatment in prison as she is used shamelessly for PR and punished for refusing to co-operate, the withdrawal of parole for foreigners as soon as she applies, and now the special rule to keep her there because she wont sell her soul with a false confession.

She is a political punch bag, the ultimate political prisoner. She is a hostage.

But what does her own government do about it? What does it do when a citizen is taken hostage by a regime like that?

Does it do what it takes to get her home, and to show that it actually means something to be Australian?


It does the opposite. It allows the media to scorn and smear her with lies. It endorses a trial which it should have condemned at the UN as an outrage. It supports the burning of the evidence, excuses the sentence, and turns a blind eye to all those horrific abuses which followed.

Even when diagnosed as mentally ill by this nations most prominent psychiatrist, it actually evaded the submitted report, in much the same way as it is evading the Expendable Projects crime report.

What sort of government is this? What sort of nation is it?


Then the covers come off, and we find that the vital evidence was withheld from her, evidence which proved her bag was tampered with all along.

We find that there was not just one abuse of office in Canberra, but a whole series, all protecting self interest, and the interests of agencies and corporations. We see the actual Freedom of Information documents which prove exactly what was going on, and who was doing it, with impunity.

Dont believe me? The are all published on this website:


Go on, look for yourself. I dare you. The film explains it all, but head to the reports on the right. See the governments own communications, as they discussed the vital evidence they withheld, as they sold her life to hide what was going on at the airports and what the AFP was up to, and to appease Indonesia.


It was the taking of political decisions at the expense of the same person, Schapelle Corby. It was the dismissal of her legal and human rights for political expediency and for self benefit. It was corruption and it was cowardice.

She actually had politicians in two nations batting against her. She still does.

This is the government of Australia, hiding behind the most disgusting of media smear campaigns. Schapelle Corby has been betrayed, and as a consequence, so has every Australian citizen, by those in high office.

It is past time the people of Australia called them to account. She is in her ninth year of torment, and time to save her life is running down fast.

D.M. Corbett

Political Analyst & Researcher


1. Schapelle Corby’s boogie-board bag was the only one not scanned at Sydney Airport: it was diverted past the scanner by baggage staff. Customs Minister Ellison withheld this vital information, even when Schapelle Corbys lawyer asked directly about scanning. [Transit Report]

2. This information was also hidden from Parliament, when direct questions were asked, and critically, it was withheld from the Bali court. John Howard, and his friend, Head of Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, Max Moore-Wilton, also kept quiet about it, when they both knew. [Transit

3. The AFP never investigated the reason for this missing screening data, and AFP Commissioner Keelty, who also knew, never commented upon it. [Transit Report]

4. Schapelle Corbys bags were subsequently found to be 5kg overweight on the Qantas system, when she had checked her bags in, underweight, without any excess charge ($175). [Transit

5. Again, neither Schapelle Corby, nor the Bali court, were ever provided with this critical information. [Supplementary

6. Two weeks before the verdict, AFP Commissioner Keelty told the media that there was no evidence of airport drug syndicates using innocent passengers, when this was clearly, demonstrably, and utterly, false. The AFP had held the Kessing Reports for months, and it withheld a host of other vital support evidence, which proved the long term and systemic nature of such syndication at Sydney Airport. [Transit Report]

7. The AFP and DFAT demonstrably evaded the forensic and DNA tests which Schapelle Corby begged for. [Mutual Evasion Report]

8. The AFP also told Parliament that it couldn’t perform marijuana pollen tests, when it could, and indeed, had originally offered to perform them for the INP. It also refused the services of a forensics expert, who had volunteered to perform them. [Mutual Evasion Report]

9. Ellison subsequently told a clearly false story about marijuana testing, in a letter to a constituent. [Mutual Evasion

10. DFAT did not invoke the MACMA treaty to obtain the sample of marijuana which Schapelle Corby begged them for, when it could have done so within the provisions of the treaty itself. [Mutual Evasion

11. The AFP and Qantas provided wholly contradictory stories about the missing CCTV footage, which Schapelle Corby pleaded for. [Transit

12. Foreign Minister Downer, and Prime Minister Howard, publicly endorsed the original Bali trial, when they were well aware of the multitude of legal and human rights abuses committed throughout. [Bali Trial

13. Ellison publicly endorsed the burning of the evidence, when Schapelle Corby pleaded for it to be preserved. [Mutual Evasion

14. DFAT have, de facto, endorsed and suppressed the ongoing documented abuses of a mentally ill Australian citizen for eight years. [Health

15. ACLEI, when forced to examine the AFP’s role in the affair, was directly and demonstrably complicit with an AFP officer, in producing a report which was an utter embarrassment to all parties. A functionary, who was at the heart of the Howard regime when the AFP abuses occurred, was allowed to rubber stamp ACLEI’s complicit rubber stamp. [Whitewash Report]

16. The government forced an Australian QC, Mark Trowell, on to Schapelle Corby. He then decimated her appeal by attacking her defence team to the media. When he subsequently admitted that he was working for the government, and not for Schapelle Corby, the government hid, refusing to comment. The precise role of Justice & Customs Minister Ellison, Trowells long term friend, in this affair, has never been explained. [Insider

17. Downer and Howard publicly called a standard flour hoax a biological agent and a murderous attack, when there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that it wasnt flour. Neither of them said that the note included with the flour didn’t even mention Schapelle Corby, and was even written in Bahasa, when they promptly blamed it on her supporters [PowderGate Report]

18. Ellison did not alert the parties necessary to prevent the false (but support-wrecking) story from circulating around the world, when he was informed of the benign nature of the flour, by email, at 6:35pm on the same day [PowderGate Report]

19. The government seized Schapelle Corby’s book royalties, when she was still in legal process in Indonesia, when it knew that this would signal ‘guilt’ to Jakarta. It brought the Australian judiciary itself into disrepute, by illegally extending its jurisdiction outside Australia, and holding secret trials, at which Schapelle Corby was not even represented [Political Seizure

20. The government thus denied her the funds for another appeal, and for medicine, even though it was well aware of the nature of the Bali trial, and of the vital primary evidence which it had, itself, wilfully withheld [Political
Seizure Report]

21. The dozens of breaches of the Freedom of Information Act, with respect to requests made on behalf of Schapelle Corby, for information held on herself, remain totally un-addressed [FOI Abuse Report]

22. The AFP suppressed a secret recording of two known criminals discussing the collection of marijuana from Sydney Airport on the same day that Schapelle Corby flew to Bali [Candidate Sources Report]

23. The Commonwealth Ombudsman has supported the government with respect to every complaint ever lodged relating to Schapelle Corby. The same applies to every other quango presented as a watchdog to the public. [Quango Report]

24. Serious broadcasting media abuses, including criminal matters, which were submitted to the government in 2011, were excluded from the Finkelstein media inquiry. Compelling evidence of political interference with respect to the ABC, and evidential proof of subsequent editorial and reporting abuses, continue to be ignored. [Media Reports]

25. The current Attorney-General has refused to accept a formal Crime Report, including a 450 page evidential Addendum, which documents serious breaches of the law by politicians and the AFP [Crime