Blazeaid in full swing to support fire ravaged communities

By Judy Kennedy – Wednesday, 09/01/2013

Volunteer organisation BlazeAid has moved to set up bases in burnt areas of Tasmania and says it may be needed in New South Wales and Victoria in coming weeks.

BlazeAid was set up by Victorian farmer Kevin Butler to rebuild fences and offer support to landholders after the Black Saturday bushfires.

Mr Butler says it’s good to be able to return the favour to Taswegians who have helped out with floods and fires on the mainland.

“The beauty of it is that after the 2009 fires we had about 70 or 80 Taswegians come across and help us around Kinglake and indeed with the floods in the last four years at places like Charlton and Bridgewater and way over in WA at Carnarvon, Dunkeld in Queensland and right up to Tully so it’s a great story of people helping each other.”

Blazeaid founders and farmers Kevin and Rhonda Butler